Trip to France



Some of B’s McDonald’s breakfast.

Mini Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

3 courses at Le Bidule, Abbeville. Orangina.


Some chocs in the hotel. Cake.

Le Dent Creusé in the evening.


Fraganole mocktail as didn’t drink at all! (Have ordered Yellow Sun book as reward.)

Starter was a selection of local dishes: Pate de Canard en Croute. Ficelle Picarde. Flamiche aux Porieaux.

Accidentally ordered fish with sauerkraut for main. (I misread ‘choucroute’ as croute …eg fish with crust.) It was grim, but this was good as I’d already overstuffed.

Comment 1: Don’t eat anything wrapped on holiday. No eating between meals.

Comment 2: I should only have 3 courses and a dessert per day. In the evening I should not have had the starter (though it was lush) or had the starter as a main.

FlyLady: Was discussing routines with JF. I need to do FlyLady’s home blessing every Saturday. More interesting stuff here.


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