New dress – Saturday – 10st8 3/4

I’ve had about a week’s break from full blogging. I’m back to doing 2 comments per day and one flylady tip. Since I got back from France, I have been doing the 20 minutes tidying per day.

Comment 1: Where possible exercise should be the first thing I do each day. I nearly didn’t get back from Swindon Retail Outlet Centre before the gym closed.

Comment 2: I should spend more money on clothes and less on booze. My new dress gives me a massive buzz, raises my confidence and makes me want to eat less. It’s from Windser.

FlyLady:  Scrub the bathroom floor. Not done today but might tomorrow.

Double espresso.

2 boiled eggs and 2 slices of buttered toast.

Homemade burger.

Tianqi infusion tea. I don’t normally mention teas, but this one is quite sugary.

A few pistachios.

A rare pear.

Exercise: Swam 42 lengths of the pool. Found out today that the pool is only 20 metres long rather than 25, so I haven’t actually swum a kilometer in it yet.


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