Not a fake 1km! (Saturday, 10st 8 3/4)

Exercise Swam approx 56 lengths of the pool today (lost count at one point). This is 1120 m. I should have realised before that the pool was only 20m not 25.

Comment: Swimming is an exercise that I actually enjoy rather than a chore. I love swimming on my back – it’s a bit like getting a massage.

Comment 2: Am tempted to eat more tonight. I’ll have a pear and then two herbal teas before eating anything else.

FlyLady: Time yourself 7 minutes and get something housey done. Doing that right now…

Drinks: Lush latte from two blokes selling it at the Hobbs end of the Oracle. Cup of tea.

Lunch: Orange juice + yasai katsu curry from Wagamama

sweet potato, aubergine and butternut squash deep-fried in panko breadcrumbs, served with a curry sauce and sticky white rice. garnished with dressed mixed leaves and red pickles




Dinner: Homemade egg-fried rice and peas with a tin of herring in egg sauce.

Fruit: 2 pears.


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