The Gym (Saturday, 10st8)

Spent 15 minutes on three machines at the gym.

Cross trainer: 167 cal.

Low exercise bike: 120 cal.

Rowing machine: 139 cal.

Porridge with seeds and honey.

Comment: I’d feel better about myself – and so eat less – if I liked my clothes more. I need to organise them into stuff that goes together, so it’s easy to pick something out in the morning. Also need to buy a new pair of jeans and a pair of black trousers (as go with everything).

Comment 2: Need to buy raspberries, cordial and sparkling water to get me through this non-drinking night.

Tidying: Up to date with challenge.

Studying: 65m in advance.

Arggh – I turned down a free glass of Pol Roger at Berry Bros as I’ve used up my two drinking days for the week. There were lots of wines available for free tasting – and unattended, so I could have gone mad and then had B drive me back! Gutted and angry. Went to CostCo and was cheered up by lots of free food samples – lush heated toffee pancakes, Haggis and a small vitamin smoothie. As feeling deprived after Berry Bros, I bought some pralines and have had at least three. Also attacked the salted mixed nuts with brio. Very red CostCo strawberries.

Half a shot glass of olive oil.

Sparkling water with cordial. Tea. Tonic with elderflower cordial.

Evening: More nuts, strawberries, pralines. Satsumas. Ribs in sauce.



Lunch at The Swan

Breakfast: Porridge with salt.

Lunch: Risotto at The Swan in Pangbourne. Sample of BSP’s lunch and her twice-cooked chips.



Second Lunch: Cheese and olives and one glass of white wine in the office.

Fruit: Free pineapple chunks from the canteen. Tangerines. Sharon fruit.

Drinks: Starbucks latte. Lots of coffees and teas.

Alcohol: Shared two bottles of Lidl champagne with D and B then moved to Patron anejo tequilla.

Dinner: Baguette with burger and blue cheese.

Extras: More blue cheese. 3 slices of pizza without the crust. Aubergine from a jar. Sausages from a jar.

Comments: I know I’m going to stuff on drinking nights, so I need to buy lots of easy to eat fruit and veg or prepare the fruit and veg before I start drinking. Should get grapes, melon, celery and mini sweet corn.

Comment 2: Need to follow the tip from Freakanomics – have a small amount of olive oil per day.

Mantra: Nothing tastes as good as a massage feels.

Exercise: none.

Studying: no minutes.

Tidying: none.


Best massage ever (Thursday, 10st 8 1/4)

Just had an amazing massage from Nicole in Newbury. She has magic fingers. I’ll book in another one when I reach 10st4.

Meal 1: Slice of ham when preparing lunch.

Meal 2:  Porridge with honey and seeds.

Meal 3: 2 slices of ham in a sandwich with mayo.

Meal 4: Shared a Domino’s takeout with B.

Fruit: Banana. Some of BSP’s pistachios.

Drinks: Teas. Coffee. Ginger beer.

Exercise: walked to the library at lunchtime (not much).

Comment 1: No massage with Nicole until I hit 10st4 again.

Comment 2: Deployed the 5 minute pause when eating pizza. Carried on eating pizza after but least had a break.

Tidying: Still 30 minutes ahead. (House smells so much better thanks to Ray the Carpet Cleaner.)

Studying: Did about 35 minutes today. Will work out tomorrow how far I’m ahead.

Knock off at 6pm! Wednesday – 10st 7.




Jupiter’s great red spot looks well tasty. It is an anti-cyclonic storm that has been raging for 400 years. Three earths could fit into it.

Comment 1: Knock off work at 6pm unless someone else is staying late and working on the same project. If I leave work late, I end up with no time for things I need to do like lose weight, study, keep the house tidy and watch junk TV. If I know I’m leaving at 6pm at the very latest, I might work faster. 1 point for charity if I leave work before or on six.

Comment 2: This always happens – when I try to stick to only four meals per day, I end up eating MASSIVE meals. If I start to feel full, I should time myself a 5 minute feeding break.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: Chicken, veg, egg rice.

Fruit: Banana.

Snack: Choc chip muffin (someone’s birthday at werk).

Dinner: Two blue cheese burgers!

Drinks: 1 instant coffee. Teas. Hot chocolate at the pub. Cordial with sparkling water.

Studying: Didn’t have time today, so am now only 55 minutes ahead.

Tidying: 30 minutes ahead due to clearing space for the carpet man to steam the carpet and remove the whiff of P-S.

Exercise: About 20 minutes swim.

Wine, brandy and tequilla! (Tuesday – 10 st 7. 12 points)

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: Massive chicken leg – nom nom nom.

Drinks: Instant coffee. Tea.

Comments: Was tempted to have a banana this afternoon, but didn’t want it if I couldn’t eat and read. Ended up feeling a bit hungry, which hopefully means I’m going to lose weight.

Comments 2: I need to buy more fruit such as raspberries. It’s more expensive than chocolate muffins – I keep eyeing up Lidl’s luxury choc muffin – but much healthier.

Dinner: Egg-fried rice with chicken and vegetables.

Second dinner: Seconds of main.

Extra (illegal meal) – Ice cream then raiding the biscuit barrel.

Drinks: Most of a bottle of white wine, glass of brandy. Patron Anejo tequilla.

Bank Holiday Monday – 10st 6 1/4

10 charity points.

Ahead by 1h 40 with studying.

Brunch: 1 sausage, tomato, 2 roll-mop rolls.

Snack: About 10 slices of Green & Black’s choc.

Drinks: 2 teas and an instant coffee. 2 mini cans of tonic water with elderflower cordial. Can of Old Jamaican ginger beer.

Dinner: Lush chicken roast.

Second dinner: 2 lush roast spuds dipped in lard.

Fruit: Large Sharon fruit (just 75p from Lidl).

Exercise: 25 minutes swim.

Comment 1: was jealous of bloke swimming elegantly and powerfully in the pool. Need to look up videos for improving my swim technique.

Comment 2: Need to find out the best price on the internet for Dom Perignon (might be CostCo).

Lobster at The Swan



Coffee. Tea. Lobster and chips at The Swan. Lemonade and lime. Elderflower and sparkling water. A few squares of chocolate. Sausage. 2 boiled eggs and 2 slices of buttered toast.

Exercise: Walked to The Swan and back. 25 minutes in the swimming pool.

Comment 1: I’ve updated the Challenge section. If I fail to meet these criteria, I will not be buying myself Dom Perignon for my birthday.

Comment 2: Now I’m back from holiday, I’m going back on the charity points. These are currently at £9. When does charity get £1:

  • I only have four meals per day except for unadorned fruit and veg.
  • I lose weight compared to the day before.
  • I don’t eat and read at all during the day.