Wine, brandy and tequilla! (Tuesday – 10 st 7. 12 points)

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: Massive chicken leg – nom nom nom.

Drinks: Instant coffee. Tea.

Comments: Was tempted to have a banana this afternoon, but didn’t want it if I couldn’t eat and read. Ended up feeling a bit hungry, which hopefully means I’m going to lose weight.

Comments 2: I need to buy more fruit such as raspberries. It’s more expensive than chocolate muffins – I keep eyeing up Lidl’s luxury choc muffin – but much healthier.

Dinner: Egg-fried rice with chicken and vegetables.

Second dinner: Seconds of main.

Extra (illegal meal) – Ice cream then raiding the biscuit barrel.

Drinks: Most of a bottle of white wine, glass of brandy. Patron Anejo tequilla.


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