Knock off at 6pm! Wednesday – 10st 7.




Jupiter’s great red spot looks well tasty. It is an anti-cyclonic storm that has been raging for 400 years. Three earths could fit into it.

Comment 1: Knock off work at 6pm unless someone else is staying late and working on the same project. If I leave work late, I end up with no time for things I need to do like lose weight, study, keep the house tidy and watch junk TV. If I know I’m leaving at 6pm at the very latest, I might work faster. 1 point for charity if I leave work before or on six.

Comment 2: This always happens – when I try to stick to only four meals per day, I end up eating MASSIVE meals. If I start to feel full, I should time myself a 5 minute feeding break.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: Chicken, veg, egg rice.

Fruit: Banana.

Snack: Choc chip muffin (someone’s birthday at werk).

Dinner: Two blue cheese burgers!

Drinks: 1 instant coffee. Teas. Hot chocolate at the pub. Cordial with sparkling water.

Studying: Didn’t have time today, so am now only 55 minutes ahead.

Tidying: 30 minutes ahead due to clearing space for the carpet man to steam the carpet and remove the whiff of P-S.

Exercise: About 20 minutes swim.


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