The Gym (Saturday, 10st8)

Spent 15 minutes on three machines at the gym.

Cross trainer: 167 cal.

Low exercise bike: 120 cal.

Rowing machine: 139 cal.

Porridge with seeds and honey.

Comment: I’d feel better about myself – and so eat less – if I liked my clothes more. I need to organise them into stuff that goes together, so it’s easy to pick something out in the morning. Also need to buy a new pair of jeans and a pair of black trousers (as go with everything).

Comment 2: Need to buy raspberries, cordial and sparkling water to get me through this non-drinking night.

Tidying: Up to date with challenge.

Studying: 65m in advance.

Arggh – I turned down a free glass of Pol Roger at Berry Bros as I’ve used up my two drinking days for the week. There were lots of wines available for free tasting – and unattended, so I could have gone mad and then had B drive me back! Gutted and angry. Went to CostCo and was cheered up by lots of free food samples – lush heated toffee pancakes, Haggis and a small vitamin smoothie. As feeling deprived after Berry Bros, I bought some pralines and have had at least three. Also attacked the salted mixed nuts with brio. Very red CostCo strawberries.

Half a shot glass of olive oil.

Sparkling water with cordial. Tea. Tonic with elderflower cordial.

Evening: More nuts, strawberries, pralines. Satsumas. Ribs in sauce.



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