Practice Exam (Friday, 10st4)

Comment 1: When I get to 10st3, I’m going to book another massage with Nicole.

Comment 2: Introduced unnecessary stress into cooking by making a phone call while the veg for the frittata were roasting. Of course the conversation over-ran and B had to go to tend to the veg. When cooking, I need to focus on the plan and CHILL whilst waiting for stuff to be ready.

Massive adrenalin buzz doing the practice exam. Very impressed with the Silverlight interface of MeasureUp.

Exercise: 30 minutes at the gym (crosstrainer & low bike).

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Stressed snack whilst doing my exam: Lump of gorgonzola.

Drinks: Tea. Coffee. Options hot chocolate. Fizzy drinks.

Lunch: Kippers on buttered toast.

Snacks just before and during cooking: Salted chocolate, crisps and nuts. Felt slightly sorry for myself as I’d spent my day off studying rather than in London seeing a show. This is a daft as I enjoyed doing the exam then working through the questions I got wrong. Can go to London another time.

Dinner: Frittata made by me.


Stilton Mushrooms (Thursday, 10st 5 3/4)

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: Stilton mushrooms, chips and salad at The Fox and Hounds.



Fruit: Banana. Some pistachios.

Drinks: Lush mocha from the machine. A few coffees. Fizzy drinks.

Dinner: Two boiled eggs with two slices of buttered soldiers. Generous chunk of gorgonzola.

Exercise: Walked back from Nicole’s after the massage.

Comment 1: Need to look up tips on how to pace myself when drinking.

Comment 2: Need to start chopping fruit up to take to work. Am getting fed up with bananas.

Working till 9.40pm! (10st6)

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Drinks: Fizzy drinks. Instant coffee. Lots of drinks from the new machine at work.


First coffee from new machine

New machine

Lunch: Two sausages that survived last night’s conflagration.

Snacks: 2 small biscuits. Mini flapjack. (Might have been more.) Some of MT’s nuts and dried fruit.

Fruit: Banana.

Dinner: Aubergines with egg-fried rice. (Very nom and good for de-stressing.)

Comment: Was trying to persuade myself to concentrate, so promised myself a reward for it. Managed to chose a reward that didn’t involve either alcohol, chocolate muffins or lots of money. Chose this book.

Comment 2: Need to go to TeaPigs website as Sainsbury’s have run out of the liquorice one.

Slowly it began occurring to me that the ability to get things done was a combination of two elements, the desire to do them and the capacity to take pains.

Clive James

Toad in the Hole with Gorgonzola

Comment 1: I’m cooking again tonight. Am starting to really enjoy it. Am chewing lots of gum thanks to a suggestion by CW to stop me nomming as I cook.

Comment 2: I’m struggling to get to bed at a sensible time as I hate going to bed. I’m going to reward myself with a subscription to audible if I can get to bed by 11.15 every work night until July. Radio 4 podcasts are no longer working to get me to sleep. I need a constant change of reader voices.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: Fish from a tin.

Drinks: Coffee. Tea? Fizzy drinks. Olive oil? Cordial with sparkling water?

Tidy: Ahead by 10 minutes.

Studying:  Behind by 103 minutes.

Dinner: Toad in the Hole.

Cooking update: I burnt the toad, but it was edible. I reckon I’ll get it right next time (hopefully Friday).

Exercise: 30 mins at gym (crosstrainer and low bike).

Louis Roederer (10st6)

Breakfast: Porridge with salt.

Lunch: Lidl fish from a tin.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees. Fizzy drinks.

Alcohol: Shared a bottle of Louis Roederer with B. It tastes much better than Veuve Clicquot. Shared a bottle of Chenin Blanc.

Dinner: Yo Wan restaurant. Was bowled over by the Pork Belly Yo Wan curry (first pic).



Comment 1: I drank more than two pub measures per hour of champagne, but I think the new rule for champers should be no more than half a bottle per hour.

Comment 2: When I came back from the restaurant, there was some M&S Sparkling Mexican Lime & Lemongrass Pressé in the fridge. Miraculously I chose this over the wine in there. I need to have this lush stuff around on my next drinking night.

Cooked again (Sunday)

SAMSUNG SAMSUNGShared a lemon tart and a hazelnut with praline tart with B in Coffee #1. Had a Costa Rican drip coffee.

Lunch: salmon with rice and veg by me.



Comment 1: I think I end up eating less when I cook. Felt very full and could hardly finish my salmon.

Comment 2: Need to weigh myself tomorrow. I’ve been putting it off as I’m scared I’m not 10st 4 anymore.

Exercise: About 45 minute walk.

Dinner: Pizza from yesterday.

Drinks: Various fizzy drinks. Cup of tea. Olive oil.

1 hour gym (Saturday)

Comment 1: Radio 4 podcasts make the gym much less boring. Thank you to Paulo Coelho and Lady Mosley.

Comment 2: Need to get some Jasper Conran jeans if they still make them.

Brunch: 2 boiled eggs with one slice of very buttered toast.

Fruit: 2 sharon fruits.

Drinks: Cordial with sparkling water. Finished off the sparkling Rosé Grape juice. Tea. M&S raspberry and lemon cream soda.

Gym: Cross trainer, low bike, row machine and cross trainer without no arm movement.

Domino’s: 2 slices of garlic bread. A few potato wedges. Lost track of how many slices of pizza – 6 or 7? Ranch BBQ rocks.

Dessert: About two thirds of a can of rice pudding with honey.

Tidying: Up to date.

Studying: Up to date but confused and bewildered by async locking my machine so not being as asynchronous as all that.