10st 4! (Thursday)

I’m finally 10st4 again. I’ve booked my massage with Nicole.

What’s made this possible?

  1. Bought new clothes that I feel good in. Want to stay thin so I stay looking good in them. I’m maintaining something rather than trying to achieve something in the future.
  2. I’ve got a goal that is nothing to do with weight-loss: passing my MSCD exam in August. Have new sense of purpose.

Breakfast: Small amount of porridge until I twigged the milk was a bit off. Slice of bread with raspberry jam.

Lunch: Meat samosa.

Snacks at work: 3 or maybe more baklavas and other sweets from Oxford Road in Reading.

Fruit: Clementines?

Drinks: Tea? Coffee.

Alcohol: Poured myself a litre of white wine over the course of 2 hours. Fell asleep on the sofa, so poured some back into the bottle. Am about to buy myself Carousel on CD as a reward to sticking to just two pub measures per hour.

Dinner: Chicken legs in spicy wing sauce.

Evening snacks: Lots of salt and vinegar kettle chips. Most of a packet of Lidl vegetable crisps (grim). Salted chocolate fudge.


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