1 hour gym (Saturday)

Comment 1: Radio 4 podcasts make the gym much less boring. Thank you to Paulo Coelho and Lady Mosley.

Comment 2: Need to get some Jasper Conran jeans if they still make them.

Brunch: 2 boiled eggs with one slice of very buttered toast.

Fruit: 2 sharon fruits.

Drinks: Cordial with sparkling water. Finished off the sparkling Rosé Grape juice. Tea. M&S raspberry and lemon cream soda.

Gym: Cross trainer, low bike, row machine and cross trainer without no arm movement.

Domino’s: 2 slices of garlic bread. A few potato wedges. Lost track of how many slices of pizza – 6 or 7? Ranch BBQ rocks.

Dessert: About two thirds of a can of rice pudding with honey.

Tidying: Up to date.

Studying: Up to date but confused and bewildered by async locking my machine so not being as asynchronous as all that.


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