Raspberries, blueberries and cream (10st 9 1/2)

Exercise: walked to canal and back at lunchtime. 30m at the gym. 48m tidying.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey.

Lunch: 4oz ham.

Dinner: Jacket potato with tuna mayo. Salad with dressing.

Dessert: Raspberries, blueberries and cream.

Drinks: Teas.

Comment 1: Gin seems to be the perfect drink – didn’t attack anyone last night and was not hungover this morning. 100ml MAX per hour.

Comment 2: Read more FlyLady. Tidy house => happy => less need to eat.

Studying: Only 76 minutes stand between me and my two bottles of Louis Roederer from Costco tomorrow.


Whitley Neill Gin

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: Leg of chicken. Wing.

Fruit: 2 satsumas. Apple.

Snack: About 50g of salted caramel chocolate. Polo.

Dinner: Salad niçoise.

Exercise: Walk to the canal. Walk to Tescos.

Drinks: Cappuccino. Americano. Teas. Lime and sparkling water. Gin and tonic.

Comment 1: Eat a little less. Exercise a little more. Delay eating where possible.

Comment 2: Don’t be worried about being shallow – clothes and looking nice are important!

Snacks after dinner: Chocolate mousse. Satsuma. 90% chocolate – it’s growing on me. Cheese and biscuits.

Monday (10st 8 1/2)

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: Chicken mayo salad sandwich.

Fruit: Apple.

Dinner: Ham with jacket potato and peas with butter.

Drinks: Latte. Lime cordial with sparkling water.

Snack: Polo. Extra chicken when preparing lunch for tomorrow.

Study: Just under 3 hours left to go for this month.

Tidying: Less than 42 minutes to go for this month.

Challenge: Stayed at werk after 6pm, but this doesn’t count as was studying rather than working and needed to use up MeasureUp before it expires today.

Comment: I’m going to stop drinking for a month if I have another drinking day where I drink more than 2 pub measures in an hour or more than half a bottle of champagne.

Comment 2: I need to go to the gym tomorrow before I start studying.

Five Guys

Exercise: 35 minutes at the gym.

Lunch: Burger and Cajun fries at Five Guys.

Drinks: Lots of tea. Espresso.

Comment 1: Persuaded myself to work harder at the gym by promising myself some new TeaPigs.

Comment 2: Order smaller portions – a burger with one pattie would have been better.

Dinner: Chicken, gravy, Späzle (German noodles), mangetouts and beans.

Other drinks: Elderflower with tonic water. Bitter lemon.

Dessert: Chocolate mousse.

Glamorgan vs Middlesex

Really enjoyed the cricket – need to see more of it.

Chai tea at Amt on Reading station. Heavenly. Cheered me up immensely after being ripped off to the extent of £61.50 for my train ticket from Newbury to Cardiff.

Cappuccino at Cardiff station.

Pint of Strongbox (lush on a hot day).



Pint of Fosters.

Small glass of rosé.

Chai latte.

Some whisky on the train back.


Entire bottle of Riesling.

Lamb chops with potatoes.


Cheese and biscuits.

Mini jaffas.

Chocolate mousse.

Wasabi almonds.

Possibly more stuff – can’t remember.

Comment 1: If I drink only half a bottle of wine per hour on my next drinking night, I’ll get myself the Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto no 1 in C.

Comment 2: I need to stop mixing my drinks (champagne to wine doesn’t count though).

Study Day (Friday, 10st 8 3/4)

Exercise: 30 m in the gym (cross trainer and bike).

Breakfast: Porridge with honey.

Lunch: Leftover rice with sausage.

Snacks: Mini tomatoes. Mini kebab. Small amount of cheese and crackers.

Fruit: Cherries. Mini tangerines.

Drinks: Coffee with sugar and milk. Teas. Hot chocolate (Options).

Dinner: Halibut with new potatoes.

Comment 1: Need to go down the gym for slightly longer  – even if it’s just 35 minutes.

Comment 2: If I just have dinner and cheese tonight – no other snacks – I’ll get a choc mousse tomorrow night.

Studying: Less than 2 hours behind.

Tidying: 15 minutes ahead.

Worst Meal in Ages (Thursday, 10st 9 1/4)

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: Heavenly egg-fried rice leftovers.

Fruit: Apple.

Snack: Yorkie.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees.

Dinner at Ed’s in Basingstoke. Hot Dog with grim bun. ‘Atomic’ chips but most of the sauces were out of stock.


Comment 1: If I don’t like it, I should STOP EATING. I should have stopped half way down the chips, but it was my last meal of the day.

Comment 2: When I was really thin, I’d put off eating and drinking as long as possible by distracting myself. Can’t do that in restaurants – sometimes I just need to stop eating especially if it’s not very nice.