The Elephant (Wednesday)

Breakfast: Porridge with honey.

Lunch: 2.5 boiled eggs with mayo in a small baguette.

Snacks: 2 pieces of Devon fudge. 1 biscuit. Polos.

Fruit: Sharon fruit.

Exercise: Walked to Sainsbury’s from werk.

Drinks: Teas. Vanilla latte with cream at Starbucks whilst reading a fab book. Coffee. Lemonade and lime.


Dinner at The Elephant. Mezze platte starter + bread dipped in olive oil.

Chargrilled Vicar’s Game 21 day matured sirloin steak, chips, mushroom, tomato and watercress with mayo and mustard.


Snacks: 2 squares of dark chocolate. Chocolate pancake. More chocolate.

More drinks: Black coffee. Bottle of coca cola.

Comment 1: I need to cook at least once per week.

Comment 2: I’m hoping to make Sesame salmon soon.


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