Carrot Fitness (Friday – 10st 7 1/2)

Comment 1: B learnt of any fab app called Carrot Fitness from Doug Stanhope’s podcast. It berates you for being a fatty, then gives you 7 minutes of fun but exhausting exercises such as Dragon’s Mating Dance (‘You couldn’t pull an iguana with that effort’) and The Iron Throne.

Comment 2: I’m going to add not eating and reading to this month’s challenge.

Breakfast: Porridge with salt.

Drinks: Coffee. Rooibus Crème Caramel with frothed milk. Teas. Ginger beer.

Exercise: Carrot Fitness 7 minute workout (cat was fascinated and tried to get under me when I was doing press ups). 600 metres swimming.

Lunch: Shed loads of couscous salad plus the remains of the Welsh cheese.

Dinner: Soup with cream. Mushroom omelette with salad and chutney.

Snacks: A few squares of brutal 90% chocolate.


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