Tequilla Tuesday

Breakfast: Porridge with salt.

Lunch: Tuna mayo sandwich with entire tin of tuna.

Drinks: Chocolate milk. Tea? Coffee? Vitamin C drink.

Snack at werk: Some salted chocolate (can’t remember for sure).

Dinner: Blue cheese burger. Mini kebabs.

Snacks at home: Chocolate cake. Crisps. Pringles. Small amount of Twix. Slices of apple.

Alcohol: Tequilla. About 2/3 bottle white wine. Glass of whisky. Can of cider.

Exercise: Short walk at lunchtime. Walk to Tesco.

Comment 1: Need to have grapes on hand when drinking, so I don’t eat junk food.

Comment 2: Need to have a quick read of FlyLady emails every now and again => tidy house => happier => less stuffing


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