Study Day (Friday, 10st 8 3/4)

Exercise: 30 m in the gym (cross trainer and bike).

Breakfast: Porridge with honey.

Lunch: Leftover rice with sausage.

Snacks: Mini tomatoes. Mini kebab. Small amount of cheese and crackers.

Fruit: Cherries. Mini tangerines.

Drinks: Coffee with sugar and milk. Teas. Hot chocolate (Options).

Dinner: Halibut with new potatoes.

Comment 1: Need to go down the gym for slightly longer  – even if it’s just 35 minutes.

Comment 2: If I just have dinner and cheese tonight – no other snacks – I’ll get a choc mousse tomorrow night.

Studying: Less than 2 hours behind.

Tidying: 15 minutes ahead.


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