Alms from St Cross

Pilgrimage with B and mother-in-law to St Cross near Winchester. As J knew what to ask for, we were given the ancient fare of pilgrims – bread and a small amount of beer.

Chai latte.

Lunch at The Gourmet Pizza Company. Lemonade, sea food pizza, some of B’s pizza.


Blackberry Beaulieu ice-cream in a cone as everyone else was having some.

Small sample of white chocolate with ginger from Montezumo – can’t avoid a free sample.

Grapefruit – completes the grapefruit challenge of this month.

Finished off the carrot cake. It was there and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Comment 1: If someone is going to the shop, don’t ask them to ‘get me something tasty’. Have as few tasty things in the house as possible.

Comment 2: Feeling lazy about going for a swim this afternoon. Need to go for a very quick one then have a heavenly sauna afterwards.

Dinner: Beef and mushroom stew with mash.

Drinks: Sparkling water and pomegranate. Cup of tea.

Tea cake – really fancied some chocolate. One tea cake per day is fine.

This blog post concludes my August challenge. I’ll buy myself two Costco Louis Roederer bottles at some point this month.


Swam 2K (Saturday)

I swam 100 lengths of the 20m pool today. I didn’t swim well – was put off as the water was very choppy due to a massive aqua aerobics class. Keep meaning to watch the training videos. It took me 1h 10 mins. I don’t think I’d stand much of a chance if I got shipwrecked.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey.

Teacake as needed energy for a mock C# exam.

Carrot cake as reward for doing the exam.

Grapefruit. Need to eat two more this month to meet the challenge.

Small chocolate – suddenly remembered it was in my bag from last night and thought it wouldn’t do any harm.

Have these to look forward to tonight to make up for not drinking:


Comment 1: The sauna is lovely after a long swim.

Comment 2: Need to remember to put new stuff on my mp3 player as I then sleep better. If I feel less tired, I eat less.

Dinner: Mushroom, oyster and beef stew with mash potatoes.

Another grapefruit. 3 plums.

More carrot cake as it was there, but did not eat the entire thing.


Nawab in Thatcham (Friday)

Breakfast: Porridge with honey.

Lunch: Thai salad with luncheon tongue.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees.

Dinner at the Nawab followed by cake at C’s.




Fruit: Grapefruit.

Comment: Ordered sparkling water and lime in the restaurant but got a bottle of Perrier on its own. Need to buy Perrier more often – it’s much nicer than normal sparkling water – I think it’s because the bottle looks expensive. Didn’t even want a drink.

Comment 2: I should stop ordering naans – they are always disappointing. I should promise myself something tasty when I get home if I skip the naan.

2:1 Drinking Diet

Comment 1: I considered moving to 3 drinking nights per week from the current 2:1. I have been thinking ‘This is a legitimate drinking night – I can go mad’. I need to drink slightly less and MORE SLOWLY on drinking nights. Last four nights have been pleasantly restrained.

Comment 2: Need to consider gym before study. Can study anytime but should get to the pool by 9.30pm latest.

Breakfast: Porridge with salt.

Lunch: Tuna mayo.

Snack: Tea cake. Can’t remember if I had a Tunnock’s or not.

Dinner: Thai beef salad. Several helpings.

Fruit: Grapefruit.

Chilli’s (Wednesday)

Comment 1: From now on I’m only going to weigh myself on Fridays. Once per week is far better psychologically than once per day.

Comment 2: If I find myself having a stressy meltdown again, I need to book a massage with Nicole.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey

Lunch: Salad niçoise.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees.

Fruit: Banana. Grapefruit.

Alcohol. Small amount of whisky. Half a bottle of red. Double gin with tonic and elderflower and pomegranate cordial.

Dinner at Chilli’s. (Best Indian anywhere.)


Comment 1: Got some new lingerie. It makes me happy and not want to eat. Buy lingerie not champagne.

Comment 2: I should make an effort to not wear jeans to work at least once per week. Feel so much better.

The Monthly Challenge is Enough (Tuesday)

Comment 1: I’ve been stressing about getting to 10st2 and passing the exam in October, but have decided that the monthly challenge is enough. I’m ahead with gym, tidying and studying. I’m one behind with grapefruit, but this can soon be rectified.

Comment 2: I’m only going to report ‘why’ I ate something if it wasn’t one of my three main meals and it wasn’t a fruit or veg snack.

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Drinks: Coffees. Hot chocolate from work machine as making the difficult transition from work to studying + it tastes nice.

Lunch: Salad niçoise.

Fruit: Banana. Grapefruit. Yellow plum.

My weight on the moon: under 2 stone. Shows how daft it is to worry about a number.

Dinner: Salad niçoise.

Snacks: Wasabi peanuts – they were left out in the living room looking tasty. Tea cake – last one –  too good not to eat.


Fed up with Studying (Bank Holiday Monday)

Am fed up with studying. Am going to tidy for a bit then chill out.

Breakfast: McDonald’s sausage and egg muffin. Hash brown in tomato sauce. Orange juice. Why? Allowed breakfast.

Double espresso and half a cake at Coffee#1. Why? Looked tasty and half a cake can’t hurt.

2 prawn rolls for lunch. Entitled to lunch but why two? Although I felt full after the first one, I was really enjoying them and couldn’t stop.

Exercise: 30 minute swim.

Comment  1: I’m going to extract a slim photo from the box and put it on the fridge before I do anything else today.

Comment 2: I’m going to tidy for 30 minutes then chill out. Getting stressy about exam in October => stuffing.

Alcohol: Large glass of port. One bottle of white wine.

Dinner: Salad niçoise.


Tea cake.

Wasabi peanuts as inebriated.

Yellow plum.