Booked Florence (Friday, 10st 10 3/4)

Comment 1: Am on a massive high after booking Florence. I want to learn Italian and Latin. Also want to know as much as possible about the history before going. Need to remember this lovely feeling before spending money on food or booze that could be spent on holidays.

Comment 2: Need to sort out some more foreign films from LoveFilm. Watched Amelie tonight and didn’t want to stuff for once.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: About 4oz ham.

Drinks: Tea. Coffee from machine. Cappuccino at Sainsbury’s cafe. Sparkling water with lime.

Snacks: Tangerines. Cherry tomatoes.

Dinner: Lush ragu with Parmesan.

Treat: Extra ragu when putting it away.

Exercise: Walked to Tesco and came back the long way.


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