Starting from 6th August…

I’ll be blobbing again.

The 7 new rules:

  • 45 minutes studying for my C# exam per day.
  • 15 minutes tidying per day.
  • 15 minutes gym per day (can skip a day then go for 30 minutes etc). Any gym activity must be recorded in my blog.
  • one grapefruit per day (can save them up and have two or three in one day).
  • have a maximum of two decisions uncompleted decisions per day which, if made, I stick to. If I complete a decision, I can get a new one.
  •  I’ll blog everything I eat and drink except water and herbal tea.
  • every day two comments on how I can be slimmer and/or healthier.

If I mess up, I will only buy myself one bottle of Louis Roederer next month.


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