Drinking Night (Wednesday, 10st8)

Breakfast: Porridge with salt. Why? Entitled to breakfast. Had salt as honey and seeds is a bit cake-mixture like.

Lunch: Tin of tuna + mayo. Why? Hungry – entitled to lunch.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees.

Snack: Mini roll at work. Why? Thought it so small that it wouldn’t do any harm. Also thought it would be tasty.

Fruit: 2 or 3 satsumas. Why? Needed energy. Healthy.

Snack: Choc before going out delivering leaflets for energy.

Alcohol: Red wine. Port. Gin and tonic.

Comment 1: Have put a large bottle of Evian in the fridge ready for later.

Comment 2: If I’m not obnoxious tonight, I’ll buy a new book tomorrow. It will be by one of the following: Alice Hoffman, Maggie O’Farrell or Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Dinner: Steak in mushroom sauce. Sweetcorn. Why? Entitled to dinner.

Extra mushroom sauce straight from the pan. Why? It was there. It’s really nice. I was inebriated.

Matchsticks and more Italian chocs. Why? Can’t remember as inebriated.

Pecan Pie. Why? Would have been rude to refuse what a guest had brought and I love Pecan Pies.




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