Fed up with Studying (Bank Holiday Monday)

Am fed up with studying. Am going to tidy for a bit then chill out.

Breakfast: McDonald’s sausage and egg muffin. Hash brown in tomato sauce. Orange juice. Why? Allowed breakfast.

Double espresso and half a cake at Coffee#1. Why? Looked tasty and half a cake can’t hurt.

2 prawn rolls for lunch. Entitled to lunch but why two? Although I felt full after the first one, I was really enjoying them and couldn’t stop.

Exercise: 30 minute swim.

Comment  1: I’m going to extract a slim photo from the box and put it on the fridge before I do anything else today.

Comment 2: I’m going to tidy for 30 minutes then chill out. Getting stressy about exam in October => stuffing.

Alcohol: Large glass of port. One bottle of white wine.

Dinner: Salad niçoise.


Tea cake.

Wasabi peanuts as inebriated.

Yellow plum.


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