The Monthly Challenge is Enough (Tuesday)

Comment 1: I’ve been stressing about getting to 10st2 and passing the exam in October, but have decided that the monthly challenge is enough. I’m ahead with gym, tidying and studying. I’m one behind with grapefruit, but this can soon be rectified.

Comment 2: I’m only going to report ‘why’ I ate something if it wasn’t one of my three main meals and it wasn’t a fruit or veg snack.

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Drinks: Coffees. Hot chocolate from work machine as making the difficult transition from work to studying + it tastes nice.

Lunch: Salad niçoise.

Fruit: Banana. Grapefruit. Yellow plum.

My weight on the moon: under 2 stone. Shows how daft it is to worry about a number.

Dinner: Salad niçoise.

Snacks: Wasabi peanuts – they were left out in the living room looking tasty. Tea cake – last one –  too good not to eat.



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