Mi piace nuotare

Comment 1: Had a lovely Italian lesson with Francesca on italki.com. Language lessons make me happy and less likely to eat too much.

Comment 2: Had to readjust my goggles about 10 times. Need to read the instructions and look at an online video.

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: Grated cheese and Branston Pickle sandwich.

Snacks: Tiny amount of pistachios. Polos.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees. One hot chocolate from the work machine.

Fruit: Banana. Two grapefruits.

Gym: 30 min swim.

Dinner: Prawns. Chicken with coconut rice and peas.

Alcohol: Over half a bottle of champagne. (Reward champagne due to last month’s challenges. Am still owed one bottle of Louis Roederer.)


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