More Audiobooks (Wednesday)

Comment 1: Need to remember to download new audiobooks from librivox or podcasts from the BBC every day. Unless it’s something new, I struggle to get to sleep. If I’m tired, I eat more.

Comment 2: Was reluctant to go for a swim, but enjoyed the swim, sauna and steam room (especially as I had them all to myself). Am starting to get the hang of my goggles.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey.

Lunch: Stir fry.


  • coca cola bonbon – offered it, so couldn’t refuse.
  • 2 mini cakes at werk. Couldn’t resist – they were there.
  • Hot choc – stressed as feeling not getting enough done.
  • Tunnock’s wafer – tired and reluctant to start studying.
  • Peanuts – tired and grumpy.
  • Almond croissant from Lidl – needed cheering up after yesterday’s debacle.
  • 3 figs from Lidl (only 20p each) as stressed as the practice questions I did tonight were ridiculously hard.

Dinner: Thai Beef Salad. Need to have it more often as tasty and slimming.

Drinks: Teas, coffees, cordial.

Fruit: Grapefruit.

Swim: 21 minutes. After 9pm is a good time to go.


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