Tumbling off the Wagon

Comment 1: I fell off the wagon yesterday. I had a third drinking night. This was due to getting stressed about my exam on 4th October. I’m getting back on the wagon now as I quite like the habit of only drinking twice a week. Swimming, steam room and sauna MASSIVELY de-mentalises me. Definitely need to do this every day where possible.

Comment 2: I also fell off the blogging and challenges waggon as well. I’m getting back on today and will catch up with gym, studying, tidying and grapefruit tracks. If I can get back on from today, I will still be eligible for two bottles of Louis Roederer on 1st October. Otherwise – no Louis My Love in Oct!

Grapefruits: 2 behind.

Study: 95 minutes behind.

Tidying: 86 minutes behind.

Gym: 21 minutes in advance.

Gym today: 30 minutes.

Caramel Macchiato at Coffee#1. (Espresso stained with milk. Maculatus means stained in Latin.)

Prawn and cucumber baguette.

Thai salad with salmon. (Need to eat moar salmon – very nom.)

2 grapefruits.

Tea. Sparkling water + cordial.


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