Nightfall and lush food at J&C’s.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey.

Gym: 30 minutes swim.

Lunch: Delicious Arabic cheese pie with chicken soup.


Drinks: Tea. Coffee.

Alcohol: Whisky.

Snack: Seaweed.

Dessert: About 6 homemade profiteroles.

Comment 1: I need do one stroke per length rather than lazily switching half way through.

Comment 2: I’m going back to two days drinking per week starting tomorrow. This is except for w/c 3rd Nov when I’ll do up to 3 days. I’ll list the reasons on my alcohol page. The rewards will be a lovely bottle of champagne on Newbury common on New Year’s Day plus I’ll book myself a trip to Barcelona in the first week of January.

Dinner: 1.5 lamb kebabs.


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