White Mischief – Cabaret in London

Comment 1: I’ve changed my challenge reward to a new bottle  of 16 year Lagavulin. I owe 53 minutes gym time, but everything else is up to date.

Comment 2: I budget monthly, but I can start looking but not buying gym clothes. Something nice might not be expensive. Would be good just for once to go to a class (they are included in my membership).

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Pre-swim snack: Small amount of mackerel.

Gym: 53 minute swim.

Lunch: Prawn cocktail baguette.

Drinks: Coffee. Cordial.

Snack: Some more mackerel.

Dinner: 3 boiled eggs and 2 slices of buttered toast.

Alcohol: Gin with tonic and pomegranate cordial. Gin and tonic. Bottle of Kopparberg Naked Apple. 100ml of Jim Bean. Gin and tonic.

Snacks: Murray mint. Small amount of Thai curry.

Cabaret done right is amazing. It’s hard to decide what was best at White MischiefMr Blankson and Rod Laver with Alexandra Hofgartner are the most memorable.


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