The Sun in the Woods.

Breakfast: Welsh cake and Portuguese tart at Coffee#1.

Drinks: Tea. Lemonade and lime. Chai latte.

Lunch: Plaice at The Sun in the Woods.


Comment 1: Need to not have expensive rewards next month. Seriously over budget! I need to set the Rewards envelope to be £50 MAX.

Comment 2: Need to go swimming!


Races (18 charity points)

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: Cheese and mushroom pancake at the Races.

Snack: 1 slice of pizza.

Dinner: 2 slices of pizza. 1 slice of garlic bread. Some coleslaw.

Fruit: Coleslaw. Grapes.

Alcohol. 2 pints of Stowford Press. 1 bottle of cider. 3 bottles of Asahi (1.7 units each). Some Winterkraueter Jaegermeister.

Comment 1: Next month my comments should be based on the Greek Doctors book.

Comment 2: Need to go swimming even if it is really quick.

Friday – 10st7. 17 Charity Points.

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: About 3.5 oz beef with cucumber and horseradish.

Drinks: Teas. Coffee. Cordial.

Comment 1: I thought I’d put on weight this last week, so was very chuffed to be just 10st7. Every time I buy bananas, I should buy some other fruit as well. I love persimmons.

Comment 2: Need to specify gym trips for next month’s challenge as have been very lax this month.

Dinner: Salmon.


Fruit: Cherries.

Snack: Mini magnum.

Alcohol: Asahi beer (2.5 units). 2 double gin and tonics.

Swim (Thursday). Charity Points: 15.

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.


Fruit: Grapes and tangerine from fruit basket at work.

Comment 1: Need to buy more grapes. Although they’re sugary, they’re lush and much better than chocolate.

Comment 2: As soon as I finish this blog post, I’m going to order my next TeaPigs consignment.

Lunch: Beef cucumber and mayo sandwich.

Drinks: Tea. Coffee. Cordial.

Dinner: KFC two piece meal with gravy and two corns.

Swim: About 540 metres but very slow as had goggle malfunction (19 mins).

Wednesday. 14 Charity Points

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Fruit: Persimmon. Banana.

Lunch: About 4oz beef.

Dinner: Beef, horseradish, cucumber, tomatoes, buttered toast.

Snack: Most of a 100g bar of Lindt hazelnut. Very nice. One ryvita mini.

Drinks: Coffee.Tea. Hot chocolate. Cordial.

Comment 1: Should have halved the chocolate and only eaten 50g.

Comment 2: Should go down the gym if only for 26 lengths.

Cake at Lunch Time (Tuesday).

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: 150g garlic sausage.

Fruit: Banana. Persimmon.

Drinks: Teas. Coffee. Hot chocolate. Cordial.

Snack: Chocolate cake from the coffee shop on the High Street.

Comment 1: I’m going to book another massage with Nicole once I reach 10st8 again.

Comment 2: Need to order more TeaPigs – my 10% discount expires soon.

Dinner: Peri Peri Chicken with coconut rice.


Chocolate from The Machine (Monday). Units: 5. Charity Points: 12

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: Tuna mayo.

Snack: Bar of Cadbury’s Caramel from the machine at work. Fraught with difficulty as it wanted exact change and was sniffy about some 10 pence pieces.

Comment: I had apples in my bag, but I hate eating them at work. I always need to take bananas into work – this should stop me raiding the machine again.

Comment 2: Last night’s 14oz main course was too much. A weighed main course should only be about 12oz.

Drinks: Hot chocolate. Tea. Coffee.

Fruit: 150g fresh figs.

Dinner: Jumbo prawns with lime and chilli. Peri Peri chicken with coconut rice and chick peas.

Alcohol: 2 bottles of Asahi (5 units).