Trip to London booked…

Comment 1: As I massively failed yesterday by having yet another drinking night, I’ve changed my Challenges. If I stick to them, I get a day off to London on 1st December. If I fail, I’ll cancel it.

Comment 2: I need something healthy for snacking when guests are around. Cherries, grapes, blueberries?

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: Mixed beans, tuna and mayo.

Dinner: Steak in peppercorn mushroom sauce with cavolo nero and potatoes.

Fruit: Blueberries.

Alcohol: Champagne. Sparkling wine. Lagavulin.

Snacks: Chicken legs in hot sauce. Prawn dumpling taster at CostCo. Florentine. Ferrero  Rocher. Tesco fools.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees.



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