Catching up with the tidiness tips challenge.

  1. Did a charity shop drop of all tops that don’t bring me joy. (Marie Kondo tip.)
  2. Same for all trousers (including one pair of jeans that I bought because it was too small in the hop that I would shrink into it).
  3. Same for lingerie.
  4. Same for shoes. (Slightly regretting the elegant pair or shoes that were hell to wear. Might buy them back next Saturday if I think of them again.)
  5. Folded tops, jumpers and trousers. Moved a lot of stuff from hangers to drawers.
  6. Prepared a charity shop bag of practical books.
  7. Same for fiction.
  8. Tidied the magazine rack where I keep the post. Found a cheque for £69.
  9. Arrange your clothes so that they ‘rise to the right’. (Heavy items on the left and lighter items on the right.) Done.
  10. Put similar clothes together. Done.

Clothes, like people, can relax more freely when in the company  of others who are very similar in type and therefore organising them by category helps them feel more comfortable and secure. You can literally transform your wardrobe just by applying this principle.

I’m supposed to have done 16 days of tidying tips by now, but I’ve got shed loads done, so I’m going to amend my London trip challenge.

Breakfast: Cinnamon swirl Danish.

Drinks: Vitamin C pint. Galão coffee.

Lunch: Liver with roll at Nando’s.


Exercise: Pool was shut, so I went for a 40 minute run-walk.

Comment 1: Tried on a dress I love but haven’t worn in ages. I’d love to lose 10 lbs before the Xmas party, so I can wear it. Motivation!

Comment 2: Need new Librivox audio book to help me sleep.

Dinner: Some of the soup that LN made whilst here with two slices of buttered toast.

Snack: Hazelnut wafer.

Fruit: Lots of clementines.


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