Failing at the Lingerie Challenge (Friday, 10st 9 3/4). Units this week: 21.5

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: About 4.9 oz pork.

Snack: Lush salted caramel cookie.

Drinks: Apple and raspberry J2O. Teas. Chocolate chai latte.

Fruit: Banana.

Dinner: Fried plaice with buttered potatoes and 3 veg. (Lovely – I need to eat more fish.)

Alcohol: About 4.5 units of champagne. About 5 units of whisky. About 3 units of Port. (Lost track – probably about 12.5 units in total.)

Alcohol-fueled eating: Prawn cocktail crisps. Chocolate with nuts. Lebkuchen. Paprika chips. Yoghurt sweet. Hazelnut wafer.

Comment 1: I’ve broken the lingerie challenge by having more than 3 meals and 1 treat. I’ve amended it from £100 to £80, but, if I mess up again, I will cancel it.

Comment 2: If someone brings out the junk food, I should toss it as far from me as possible. Also need to buy a fruit like grapes to have around as an alternative when drinking in.


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