Getting Back on Track (Monday, £32)

Comment 1: I’ve amended the Barcelona Challenge again. This is what I need to do to go to Barcelona.

  • Everything I eat and drink plus two comments.
  • Bed by 11.15. Stay there for at least an hour.
  • 20 lengths of the 20m pool per day. (46 left.)
  • 20 minutes tidying each day. Gone well over.
  • 5 minutes The Register per day. (10 minutes left.)
  • 20 minutes studying for next exam. (40 minutes left.)
  • Listen to German radio every day.
  • Book a gig for January. (Booked Funeral for a Friend in Southampton.)

Comment 2: I’ve not done well at the Charity Challenge lately. If I stick to it tomorrow and Wednesday, I’ll book a massage with Nicole in January.

Breakfast: Porridge with only salt.

Lunch: 2 large tomatoes with salt and pepper with sprinkled cheese on top.

Extra veg: Radishes.

Fruit: Banana.

Snack: Rice crispy chocolates. Had more than planned.

Drinks: Tea. Coffee.

Dinner: Steak with mushroom sauce, mini new potatoes and leaks. Went back for seconds.

Exercise: 1040 metres swim. Braved the frost to walk to the pool to try out my new tracksuit bottoms.



Christmas Eve

Breakfast: porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: beef, cucumber, tomato and mayo.

Drinks: teas, coffees.

Snacks: 2 mince pies with cream.

Dinner: soup. Omelette with salad etc.

Comment 1: ordered nut cracker from Amazon as Tesco sold out.

Comment 2: looking good is important. Need to make more effort.

Alcohol: two mini bottles of white wine. Some whisky.

ILL but not tired… (Tuesday, £32)

Breakfast: Porridge with salt.

Comment: Didn’t have honey with the porridge in case Greek Doctor finds out.

Comment 2: Never buy cake for work again. Buy fruit from CostCo instead.

Unplanned snack: Two mini cinnamon rolls.

Drinks: Tea. Coffee. Hot chocolate. Hot ginger cordial.

Lunch: Beef mayo with cucumber sandwich.

Fruit: Cherries.

Snacks: 3 small chocolate biscuits.

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs on buttered toast with tiny amount of cheese.

STOP CHEATING! (Monday, £32)

Comment 1: I’ve been interpreting ‘bed at 11.15’ as turning the light out in my bedroom at 11.15 then reading in another room until much later. From now on it will mean being in bed with the lights out for at least an hour. If I fail at this, I will not be booking Barcelona in January.

Comment 2: I’ve decided to allow unlimited nuts if I crack them myself.

Breakfast: Mackerel on a slice of buttered toast.

Snack: 2 white mice (54 kcal).

Drinks: Coffee. Tea. Cordial. Hot chocolate.

Lunch: Mini cold roast dinner.

Fruit: Grapefruit. Two persimmons. A few cherries.

Dinner: 2 cinnamon bites. Roast dinner.

Extra snack: Stollen.

Be Careful with Nuts (Sunday, £32)

Fruit: About 180g of Medjool dates.

Swim: 600 metres.

Lots of cashews. Other nuts.

Comment 1: I’ve just realised that there are 553 kcal per 100g of cashews. From tomorrow, nuts will no longer be unlimited but be one of my 3 meals + one snack per day.

Comment 2: At weekends I need to leave for the pool at 6:50pm latest. Tonight I left 4 minutes before closing – not fair on the staff who need to get home.

Meal 1: Roast beef, lush roast spuds, parsnips and carrots in gravy.

Snack: Another roast spud.

Meal 2: Gingerbread.

Meal 3: 189 kcal cottage cheese.

Sprout Soufflé. Charity: £31.

Breakfast: Smoked mackerel on two slices of buttered toast.

Drinks: Tea. Coffee.

Nuts: Cashew nuts. Mixed nuts.

Snack: Mulled wine chocolates.

Swim: 600 metres.

Comment 1: Am adjusting The Challenge to unlimited nuts as Greek Doctor says nuts are good.

Comment 2: Greek Doctor says honey is bad, but cinnamon on porridge is good.

Lunch & Dinner at J&C’s.
2014-12-20 19.26.25
2014-12-20 19.44.47
2014-12-20 18.11.48

Plus chocolates and gingerbread.

Alcohol: Whisky. Red wine. Rum.