B Leaving (Friday). Charity: £27.

B has left our company. We will miss her and hope she eventually moves closer and then comes back.

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Snack: Chocolate sweet potato cake.

Lunch: Tongue and cheese mayo roll.

Drinks: A latte and then a hot chocolate at the pub. Coffee. Teas.

Dinner: Packet of mini chocolate pralines (about 270 kcal). 2 piece KFC meal with chips and mayo.

Comment 1: As I decided what I was going to eat in advance for dinner, this counts as a day of 3 meals and one treat. This is dodgy though – one meal should not consist of two different food groups.

Comment 2: Need to buy instant coffee for work as will only drink the latte from the work machine and it must be fairly fattening.


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