Sunday. Charity: £28

Breakfast: See photo.


Treat: Lush christmas cake with custard.

Drinks: Tea. Coffee. Hot chocolate.

Snack: A chicken nugget. A bit of B’s burger.

Grazing: Chorizo. Cheese.

Dinner: Two boiled eggs and two slices of buttered toast.

No new charity points today due to unplanned eating of chorizo and cheese.

Comment 1: Am overwhelmed by the number of pool lengths I need to do for the Barcelona challenge, so I’ve limited it to only having to swim 20 lengths if I spend the night at home (e.g. not off visiting). I’ll update the challenge page.

Comment 2: Had the unplanned eating when I was deciding how best to spend my time when I got back from Norfolk. I should have sat down with the white board and decided on the four most important things to do today.


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