Not drinking at lunchtime (Friday). £31 Charity. Weight: 10st 7 1/4. 10 units.

Comment 1: Promised myself Javascript: The Good Parts if I didn’t drink alcohol at lunchtime and only had one drink per hour in the evening. I’ve ordered it.

Comment 2: Once I finish Clive James’ Falling Towards England, I’m going to read The Greek Doctor’s Diet.

Breakfast: Porridge with far too much honey.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees. Lattes.

Lunch: 2 massive onion rings. Small biscotti. Lamb with tomato and Cambodian sauce.

Treats: Hotel chocolat salted chocs.

Extra snack: Christmas cake.

Dinner: Coleslaw and cheese sandwich.

Alcohol: 3 pints of Thatchers. 7.2 units. About 3 units of JD.


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