STOP CHEATING! (Monday, £32)

Comment 1: I’ve been interpreting ‘bed at 11.15’ as turning the light out in my bedroom at 11.15 then reading in another room until much later. From now on it will mean being in bed with the lights out for at least an hour. If I fail at this, I will not be booking Barcelona in January.

Comment 2: I’ve decided to allow unlimited nuts if I crack them myself.

Breakfast: Mackerel on a slice of buttered toast.

Snack: 2 white mice (54 kcal).

Drinks: Coffee. Tea. Cordial. Hot chocolate.

Lunch: Mini cold roast dinner.

Fruit: Grapefruit. Two persimmons. A few cherries.

Dinner: 2 cinnamon bites. Roast dinner.

Extra snack: Stollen.


3 thoughts on “STOP CHEATING! (Monday, £32)

  1. Ok, be honest, you’re going to Barcelona aren’t you?

    I think that by the time you go your “challenge” will be something like “Eat and do whatever I like as long as I say something vaguely motivational at least three times a day” (note: you’ve still got a bit of wriggle room with the three motivational quotes)

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