My Fat Story (£7)

The first episode of My Fat Story by Katie Hopkins has made me think. “Stop stuffing your face” is very good advice. It might seem obvious, but it isn’t.  I need to keep my hand away from my mouth rather than obsessing over psychological strategies for weight-loss.

I think I need to watch videos of people running, swimming and cycling. It’s very much ‘monkey see – monkey do’.

It takes so long to either put on weight and to gain weight that I have a disconnect between what I put in my mouth and what happens later to my body. When I was slim once, I remember scrapping the whipped cream off a drink. I don’t need to be that scarily extreme, but I do need to consider that every extra morsel I eat when I’m full will have consequences.

I need to give CarrotFitness another go. I need to seize chances to move about during the day.

Rather than dreaming of one day being 9 1/2 stone, I need to accept that 10st2 will be my perfect weight. It’s like the username of this blog: I L-O-V-E ME – 142 lbs. Once I hit this again, I will actively try to stay that weight by putting on muscle and eating shed loads of veg.

Katie points out that some people use food as a crutch, but she uses jogging as hers. I am an emotional eater – at the slightest stress I pour a hot chocolate. I need a new crutch. A possible one is a quick glance at Pinterest on my phone.

As Katie suggests, I need to get out more. I should go to the cinema more – especially as B has free tickets from his bank. I should consider going for swimming lessons though this is scary.

I need to put off eating … I should delay it as long as possible … especially if it’s not a designated meal.

I need to avoid buying in junk food. If it’s not in the house, I can’t stuff it when stressed.

As one of the quotes on Pinterest goes: “Don’t give up on something you think about every day.”

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey. (Sorry, Greek Doctor – it just doesn’t work with cinnamon.)

Lunch: Mixed bean salad with tuna and olive oil.

Drinks: Tea. Ribena.

Snack: Fancy nuts.

Dinner: 1.5 homemade cheese burgers.

Exercise: 520 metres swim. (Was reluctant but really enjoyed it. Relaxing.)



One thought on “My Fat Story (£7)

  1. I’m still really struggling with the concept of Katie Hopkins being of any use at all for anything ever. Nevertheless, I hope you find buying her “advice” is money well spent!

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