The Secret (Tuesday, £10)

Comment 1: I’m fairly sure now that the secret to getting slim is not to eat and either read or watch a screen. It was a massive wrench at lunchtime to eat my sandwiches away from my screen, but I enjoyed them more and felt fuller because of it. I’m hoping today will be my first of many of no eating and reading/televising.

Comment 2: Need to start reading The Greek Doctor book again as know so little about nutrition. Not even sure where fat comes from.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds whilst listening to France Info.

Lunch: Sausage mayo sandwich whilst walking in Theale. Need to bring my gloves next time.

Fruit: Free tangerine from work when my laptop was rebooting.

Drinks: Teas. Coffee. Work hot chocolate.

Snack: Lidl cookie. (Need to order shell-on nuts as Lidl didn’t have them except for pistachios.)

Dinner: Mackerel with one slice of buttered toast.


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