Nil Points! (Thursday, £10)

Breakfast: Porridge with salt.

Lunch: Sausage mayo sandwich.

Drinks: Teas. Coffee. Hot chocolate.

Dinner: Crudités with taramasalata and houmous.

Snack: Extra dinner.

Fail food: Half a Spiral. Crunchie.

Comment 1: Did really well not snacking when preparing my lunch. Chewed gum.

Comment 2: Ate dinner listening to the radio instead of the TV. (Very happy with this.) Later on munched on remaining food whilst watching TV. What can I do to avoid this? This is crazy, but maybe I need a dummy. Could maybe do something with my hands like get a decent stress ball – the one I bought for a pound from Singapore was boring (a simple plastic squidgy ball).

Alcohol: About half a bottle of Riesling. (Hard to tell as finished an earlier bottle from before and started on a new one.)


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