A New Breakthrough (18 points)

Comment 1: I found I was lingering over my dinner today – still stuffing even though I was full – as I didn’t want to do various chores like tidying and studying. The breakthrough is that I’ll only ever do any task for 45 minutes for now on. Each 45 minutes should be followed by a 5 minute chill-out (except in dire emergencies).

Comment 2: I’ve put a postcard about The Golden Rule on the living room table to remind me not to eat and watch TV. I seem to forget this rule when inebriated.

Breakfast: Tinned mackerel in Thai sauce on slice of unbuttered toast.

Lunch: Stir fry with brown rice.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees.

Legitimate snack: Lush sticky toffee pudding sample at CostCo.

Infringement snacks: Thick soup sample with crushed nuts. Chilli nuts from colleague.

Shelled nuts: About 10 pistachios (sadly whilst looking at a screen).

Dinner: Stir fry with brown rice. Listened to a podcast whilst eating. The Golden Rule of not eating and reading is starting to become a habit.

Procrastinating snack: Bite out of a Wispa.

Fruit: apple whilst watching The Inebriati.

More snacks: More Wispa. Some mixed nuts. Snickers bar. Florentine. Not sure if the stuffing is because I don’t want to study or as I’m dreading weighing myself tomorrow.

Even more snacks: 2 more Florentines. Left-over rice.

Had a moment when I was studying when I thought ‘this is too hard’. I think this triggered the stuffing session more than fear of tomorrow’s weigh in. After a while it started to make sense and I didn’t want to stop. I need to think when something is hard: The assembly of Japanese bicycle requires great serenity of mind.

Exercise: 20 minute walk. Very slippery.



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