Saturday (34 points)

Breakfast: Porridge with salt, honey and seeds.

Comment 1: Sometimes I forget the Golden Rule and watch TV while I’m eating. I’ll put a postcard up on the wall in the living room to remind me.

Comment 2: Next month 10, 000 steps will be the equivalent of 20 pool lengths for my challenges.

Exercise: 520 metre swim.

Lunch: Fried egg. Chicken mayo salad baguette.

Drinks: Orange juice. Ginger cordial. Tea. Coffee.

Fruit: Dried figs.

Snack: Langres cheese.

Dinner: Tuna pasta bake.

Extra snack: Tuna pasta bake. (I should have had some chewing gum before starting to put the food away.)


4 lbs from Target Weight (33 points)

Really chuffed to be 10st6 again.

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: Chicken mayo sandwich.

Snack: Mini chocolate brownie.

Fruit: Clementines. 2 dried figs.

Drink: Coffees.

Exercise: 5034 steps.

Dinner: Chicken stroganoff with rice.

Comment 1: I’ve put a note on my board to read the Greek Docs book.

Comment 2: Another thing I keep failing to get round to is watch swimming videos.

I love AMT (31 points)

Breakfast: One peppered mackerel on unbuttered toast.

Lunch: Paté sandwich.

Fruit: 2 dried figs. Clementine.

Drinks: Teas. Coffee. Best chai latte ever from AMT on Reading Station.

Dinner: Chicken mayo baguette with salad.

Snack: More chicken baguette.

Alcohol: White wine (less than a  bottle).

Comment 1: If I pass my Microsoft Exam, I get £35 towards my Camel Library. (I’ve moved it to 13th June, so this won’t be for a while.)

Comment 2: When I reach 10st2, I’ll also put £35 towards the Camel Library,.

Change of Challenge (Wednesday, 30 points)

As I’ve had a break from blogging for a few days, I don’t get the trip to London reward. Now I’m back on track, the new reward will be £35 towards buying a Camel Library. I’ve started a new page of this blog to chart my progress.


Breakfast: Porridge with crushed malted barley.

Fruit: Clementine. 2 dried figs.

Lunch: 2 slices of brown bread with pate.

Drinks: 2 instant coffees. One latte.

Exercise: 5193 steps.

Snack: Brown bread dipped in baked Epoisses.

Dinner: Duck pancakes with sauce, cucumbers and spring onions.

Comment 1: Next month I need to make going to the gym more points that walking as it burns more calories.

Comment 2: Need to get more lush Dorset Tea – herbal tea that’s actually nice.

Lots of Studying and Tidying

Exercise: 1040 metres of the pool in 34m 14s. I’m getting slightly faster – it used to take me 15 minutes to do 400 metres.

Breakfast: Large bowl of All Bran.

Lunch: Single peppered mackerel on unbuttered toast.

Drinks: Coffee.

Comment 1: Still haven’t got round to read the Greek Doctor book.

Comment 2: Need to carry my pedometer round when tidying – it might get me doing more.

London – 27 points – 152 1/4 lbs

Comment 1: I’ve been putting too much faith in the golden rule of not eating and reading/watching a screen. I need to keep my eating to three small meals per day and one treat. 10st 12 1/4 is scarily close to 11 stone.

Comment 2: I’ve now got 2 main goals – passing my Microsoft Exam on 11th April and getting to 10st2 again. If I try to achieve too many different things, I’ll end up achieving nothing. When I reach each goal, I’ll sort out a Save The Children gift such as goats or a teacher’s starter kit. Ideally I’d like to buy a camel library, but this is £190.

Meal 1: Burrito at Chipotle.

2015-02-20 14.14.09

Meal 2: Pork bun from Chinese street vendor.

Exercise: 22901 steps.

Wednesday (25 points)

Breakfast: Massive bowl of All Bran.

Lunch: Ham mayo sandwich.

Dinner: Asparagus cheese tart. About 5 ribs. Roll mop.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees.

Snack: Chocolate cookie.

Exercise: 26 lengths of the pool.

Comment 1: There was a choice of lots of different cakes and biscuits at Astronomy Club. I chose the largest and most chocolaty. From now on, if I have a choice, I should go for the smallest.

Comment 2: I keep forgetting that swimming is fun. Need to do it more often.