Malefice (12 points)

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds, salt and honey.

Lunch: Tongue mayo sandwich.

Fruit: Clementine.

Drinks: Coffees. Tea. AMT Chai Steamer.

Alcohol: 1.5 pints of Stowford Press (3 units).

Got 1 point for weighing less than last week – now 10st 7 1/2.

Comment 1: The Golden Rule is working. Often I think: “Sod it, I can’t be bothered to eat if I can’t read my book right now.”

Comment 2: Need to walk to the gym use the machines then walk back again. Should also get a swim hat soon.

The Can You Stay for Dinner blog looks good.

Alcohol: Corona. 2 pints of Aspall cider. Pint of Peroni.

Dinner: Small burrito at Mission Burrito.

Malefice’s lead singer, Dale Butler, is very charismatic. I need to go to more live music.


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