More pizza and no exercise and 4.5 units (Tuesday, 17 points)

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds, salt and honey.

Lunch: Tongue mayo sandwich.

Drinks: Coffees. Teas.

Dinner: 4 slices of Papa John’s pizza + lots of jalapeno cheesy bites.

Snack: Extra slice of pizza.

Comment 1: Promised myself a copy of the New Statesman tomorrow if I eat no more today.

Comment 2: I need to go swimming tomorrow. I haven’t been to the gym since the Sunday before last. Need to think of a reward for this as am not feeling all that motivated.

Alcohol: Large bottle of Asahi + 1 pint of Stowford Press.

Broke the Golden Rule as watching Wolf Hall (third episode is a bit livelier than the second). Have stuck to the 3 meals + 1 snack plan so get one point.


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