Wednesday (9 points)

Breakfast: Porridge with crushed barley oats.

Lunch: Cheese, branson and cucumber sandwich.

Drinks: Coffee. Work hot choc. Ribena.

Snacks: Slice of banana bread. Some liquid caramels. Chocolates from the lush Rhubarb Tree shop in Pangbourne: 2 salted caramels, tiramisu and champagne truffle.

Dinner: Kale with butter. 2 burgers with cheese, bbq sauce and mushrooms.

Exercise: Took E out for a walk.

Comment 1: I was full after the first burger, so put the second one in the fridge. I later got it out of the fridge. Needed to sort out a decent reward to persuade myself to keep it in the fridge, e.g. Ring around the Sun or the promise of a trip to Pangbourne to get a whole box of chocolates.

Comment 2: Need to get back to not eating and reading.


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