Eating slightly too much, 10st 8 1/4. (9 points)

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey followed by granola as my porridge exploded in the microwave due to my hand slipping when adding water.

Lunch: Paté sandwich with slice of cheese.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees. Ribena.

Fruit: Apple.

Dinner: Domino’s.

Snacks: Biscotti. Lots of chocolates. Small spoonful of Nutella. Some cookie. Bite of bread.

Exercise: 10992 steps.

Comment 1: I should aim to blog earlier in the day. My overeating doesn’t seem so bad when written down. If I feel happier about my consumption, I’ll be less likely to stuff.

Comment 2: On days when this can be seen as true, I should tell myself: I have eaten perfectly today.  Also need to reward myself with new books rather than chocolates as this is a recipe for disaster.


3 thoughts on “Eating slightly too much, 10st 8 1/4. (9 points)

  1. So are you suggesting a link between chocolate as a reward for not eating too much and eating too much?

    A crazy theory.

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