Friday (150 tokens)

Breakfast: Porridge with crushed barley.

Lunch: Brie and cucumber sandwiches.

Snack: Minstrel.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees. Unfinished grim Aero hot chocolate.

Fruit: Pear. Banana.

Snack when procrastinating about tidying the car: Finished off the brie. Overall 175g of brie today.

Dinner: 2 medium boiled eggs with 2 slices of very buttery toast.

Snack: Rollmop.

Snack: Finished off the 100g bar of Lindt chocolate I got yesterday.

Comment 1: Not bothered about eating too much. It’s a temporary blip as I’m stressed about tomorrow morning.

Comment 2: Need to weigh out portions before eating them.

Camel points: 1. Failed to not eat and read or plan meals. Haven’t lost weight (currently 10st13 3/4). Failed at random task. Only success was making a blog entry today.


Nicole is Amazing (Thursday, 149 points)

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and crushed malted barley.

Lunch: Cheese and branson sandwich.

Drinks: Chinese milk tea. Teas. Coffees.

Fruit: Pear.

Dinner: Lush stir fry with tofu, pak choi and brown rice. Seconds.

Exercise: Cycled to Nicole’s as knew I’d be spaced out after the massage. Got massive insights and new level of clarity.

Comment 1: Need to watch the Horizon program about binge-drinking.

Comment 2: Need to make yoghurt and raspberry smoothie as this will be my healthy alternative to drinking booze.

Snack: Yoghurt and raspberries.

Extra snack: About half a bar of chocolate with salt.



Bank Holiday

Exercise: 5.5 miles on bike.

Breakfast: Bacon sandwich.

Fruit + veg: Some olives and picked onions.

Lunch: Tinned fish.

Drinks: Coffee. 3:15pm Milk Tea from the Chinese supermarket.

Comment 1: Need to put up a sign in the living room to remind me to not eat and watch TV.

Comment 2: Should do 6 miles on my bike next time.


  1. No eating and reading/TV.
  2. Lost weight. Fail (10st11).
  3. 3 meals plus one treat only.
  4. Blogged.
  5. Random task. Failed.

Coir matting – 147 tokens

Exercise: 5 mile cycle on Newbury Common – puncture free.

Tokens (3/5)

  1. Lost weight (now 10st10  1/4).
  2. Ate and watched TV => FAIL
  3. Unplanned eating => FAIL.
  4. Blogged.
  5. Cut coir matting with Stanley knife and put it by the back door.

Breakfast: Bacon sandwich.

Lunch: Fried egg sandwich.

Unplanned eating: White bread dipped in vegetable oil.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees. Elderflower with sparkling water.

Fruit: Sharon fruit. Pear.

Nuts: Pistachios.

Comment 1: Need to understand the science behind fat.

Comment 2: Need to cook once per week. Really enjoyed making stir fry last night.

Dinner: Stir fry, brown rice and salmon burgers.

Alcohol: bottle of perry (4 units) and a large shot of tequila.



Bouldering (Thursday – 144)

Comment 1: Actually enjoyed bouldering for once and got to the top of the wall! Need to keep seeking out exercise that is actually fun. Need to talk to JF about finally getting brave enough to go ski-ing.

Comment 2: If I mess up the not eating and reading challenge due to forgetting, I should pretend it never happened, stop reading and get the token!

Breakfast: All Bran.

Lunch: Tongue mayo sandwich.

Snack: Crisps at the pub. Biscuit.

Exercise: Climbing and bouldering.

Dinner: Peppered mackerel.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees. Lemonade and lime.

Alcohol: Champagne to celebrate bouldering.

Fruit: Pear.

Nuts: Pistachios.


  • Lost weight. Failed. Back to 10st10.
  • Eat and read. Failed.
  • 3 meals and 1 treat. Lots of treats. Failed.
  • Blogged. Success.
  • Random challenge: Failed.

Astronomy Club (Wednesday – 143)

Breakfast: All Bran.

Lunch: Tuna mayo sandwich.

Fruit: Pear?

Nuts: Lots of almonds.

Snack: 2 mini cakes at astronomy club.

Dinner: 2 slices of mackerel with 2 slices of buttered toast plus 1 slice of pizza.

Camel library tokens:

  • Lost weight (10st 9 3/4)
  • Didn’t eat and read/watch TV
  • 3 planned meals and one tread
  • Random challenge
  • Blogged

Comment 1: Should go for a long walk at lunch time if I know I’m going to be busy in the evening.

Comment 2: Could have not had the slice of Domino’s.

Tuesday (138 tokens)

Breakfast: All Bran.

Lunch: Peppered mackerel sandwich.

Snack: 1 Tunnock tea cake.

Fruit: Pear.

Drinks: Vitamin C. Teas. Coffees. Hot chocolate.

Dinner: Steak with mushrooms, new potatoes and greens.

Comment 1: Need to take nuts to work as a pick-me-up in the afternoons instead of hot chocolate.

Comment 2: Should always try to have a walk at lunchtime even if it’s raining.


  • Blogged
  • Didn’t eat and read (except for the pear)
  • Three meals and one treat
  • Lost weight (10st11)
  • Didn’t drink alcohol