The five second rule

Breakfast: Porridge with pumpkin seeds, salt and honey.

Lunch: Salad left over from yesterday.

Fruit: Pear.

Snack: 1 cookie.

Dinner: Pork, mayo, tomato, avocado and mayo sandwich. Salad.

Snack: Nutella straight from the pot. Doce de Leite spooned down. Almonds and cashews.

Comment 1: Weighed myself this morning expecting to have lost weight, but am 10st9 3/4. Feel there’s no point in trying, so am stuffing nuts and nutella.

Comment 2: Went on TED to get some motivation, but am told that I shouldn’t state my goals aloud. Am going to try again now.

I’m back on track thanks to the talk How to stop screwing yourself over by Mel Robbins. She says we’re full of ideas, but there is a 5 second chance to put those ideas into action. Since listening to it, I’ve been out for a walk and I’ve made a start on cleaning the oven.

Happy Events:

  1. Poldark.
  2. The oven is so dirty it’s fun.
  3. Offering to do something I didn’t want to do at work and getting appreciated.

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