Bouldering (Thursday – 144)

Comment 1: Actually enjoyed bouldering for once and got to the top of the wall! Need to keep seeking out exercise that is actually fun. Need to talk to JF about finally getting brave enough to go ski-ing.

Comment 2: If I mess up the not eating and reading challenge due to forgetting, I should pretend it never happened, stop reading and get the token!

Breakfast: All Bran.

Lunch: Tongue mayo sandwich.

Snack: Crisps at the pub. Biscuit.

Exercise: Climbing and bouldering.

Dinner: Peppered mackerel.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees. Lemonade and lime.

Alcohol: Champagne to celebrate bouldering.

Fruit: Pear.

Nuts: Pistachios.


  • Lost weight. Failed. Back to 10st10.
  • Eat and read. Failed.
  • 3 meals and 1 treat. Lots of treats. Failed.
  • Blogged. Success.
  • Random challenge: Failed.

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