The Affair (3.5 tokens)

The camel challenge wasn’t working anymore as I’ve decided that as I’m most of the way there, I’ll buy it in July for H’s birthday. The new challenge is 28 tokens to get a head massage from Nicole.

  • Lost weight (10st10 3/4).
  • Blogged today.
  • Achieved random task.
  • Half point for not eating and reading/watching TV till evening.

Breakfast: Porridge with crushed barley.

Lunch: Rollmop and salad sandwich.

Fruit: Banana. Pear.

Mints: 2 (this is fine and doesn’t count as a snack).

Drinks: Teas. Coffees. Hot chocolate.

Dinner: Lush stir fry with brown rice.

Snack: Extra stir fry.

Extra snack: More stir fry.

Extra snacks: Ham when preparing tomorrow’s lunch. Bite of the pizza when tidying up the fridge.

Exercise: 45m step whilst watching The Affair (best TV in ages… well since Jack Bauer last night).

Comment 1: Was about to eat and read at lunchtime, but thought of the Nicole massage and stopped.

Comment 2: I need to get some new jeans and trainers. Nice clothes => happy about appearance => eat less.



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