New Plan for this Blob

Instead of a boring list of what I eat, this blog is now going to be about getting stronger and healthier.

Last night was not healthy. I shared three bottles of Cava with four people and guzzled the lion share. Then I had a birra moretti (sensible choice) followed by a cocktail. I don’t remember anything much after that.

2015-08-28 23.07.52

It would have been rude to refuse the first bottle of cava. The mistake was saying yes to the second bottle. I should have switched to beer or cider at that point!

I went cycling this morning, but didn’t really put my back into it. Need to concentrate on going faster – I have a speedometer – rather than day dreaming. I don’t do much exercise, so I should make what I do count.


A decent meal!

Did the historic alcoholics’ tour of Paris.

Started at La Closerie des Lilas. Hemingway wrote the short story ‘Big Two-Hearted River’ here. I read it there today. Was extremely confused by the excellent introduction about a man being hanged, but could not understand how that related to a boring tale about fishing! The Cafe au Lait was very nice – frothy milk. Also got  a free praline chocolate. All for just 5 euros.

I then went to Auberge de Venise at 10 rue Delambre. This is Le Dingo where Hemingway first met F Scott Fitzgerald and was embarrased by Fitzgerald’s failure to hold a drink. He later implies that he might have been allergic to booze as he got so drunk on so little champagne. Here I had my first decent meal – risotto a cepes. Also had a half bottle of white wine.


Next I attempted to go to the Cafe du Dome, but it was shut, so I was forced to go to the one that Hemingway liked less, La Coupole. I need to buy a bottle of the cognac I had: Delamain Pale & Dry XO.


I walked through the Jardin du Luxembourg to Les Deux Magots. A magot is a Chinese salesman. Here I had the best alcohol I have ever tasted and must track down tomorrow: Vieux Marc des Hospices de Beaune.


After this I had some horrendous patisserie from La Maison du Chou and then popped to Paul backery where I got the worst cake thing ever. I had some mints to cheer me up.

Back to the hotel where the vino is served like in The Tasting. I had a lush white followed by a gorgeous but expensive Fronsac. Located a supermarket at about 8.30 on a Sunday night, which served me a half bottle of red for just 5 euros plus some camembert and some bread. Will eat the massive Pink Lady apple later.

Wisdom 1: Locate Vieux Marc des Hospice de Beaune tomorrow – somewhere here must sell it!

Wisdom 2: I don’t want to go as far out of the centre as Montparnasse tomorrow, so need to get on tripadvisor before leaving the hotel and find somewhere decent near Le Musee d’Orsay. There seems to be a Pudlo standard here … like TripAdvisor. Need to look that up when less inebriated.

Record number of steps


Started the day with a bottle of water and a supermarket smoked salmon and cheese sandwich. Food was all downhill from there. Need B here as he’s very good at working out the best food to select.

Had lunch at the Louvre. It was described as ‘quiche’ but was a weird almost unpalatable vegetable pie.


The white wine was lush though. Had second bottle as a mid-afternoon pick me up.

Went to Tour Montparnasse, which is higher than the Eiffel Tower. Had an expensive glass of champers at the top.

Dinner was a turkey and avocado roll at the cinema.

About to have an apple.

Tomorrow will hopefully man up and go to a restaurant on my own in the evening. Will look something up on trip advisor as want at least one meal to be nice!

Wisdom 1: Treat myself to a really nice meal tomorrow so have something to remember when I get back.

Wisdom 2: Need to have a cake tomorrow. Need to take my time and choose something lush.


Black coffee.

Chai latte from AMT on St Pancras.

Free food on Eurostar thanks to going for the Standard Premium deal.


Two 1.8 cl bottles of wine. Got very merry as hadn’t eaten much.


Cheese and ham pancake from the fair at the Tuileries. An error – have had nicer pancakes in Camden.

Wisdom 1: Will try to eat an apple before I go to bed but not feeling very hungry.

Wisdom 2: Museums and Paris are good exercise. Walked 18014 steps today (mostly round the Louvre). Would never have guessed it was that many. Reckon I can do over 20000 tomorrow.



Breakfast: Porridge with salt.

Lunch: Sweetcorn with butter (cold but surprisingly nom).  Potatoes with the mushroom sauce from the night before – also cold.

Mints: Some.

Fruit: Apple.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees. Lemonade and lime.

Dinner: Prawn starter and prawn main at The Nawab. Mint chocolate.


Alcohol: Cider.

Wisdom: Didn’t need to order rice – ate small amount of B’s.

Wisdom 2: Was considering leaving the car in town and picking it up the next day, but in the end didn’t need a drink due to lemonade and lime.