This might work…



The new plan will work!

So far I’ve got 9 points for the new plan. If I fail to do a task three days in a row, I get minus £1.

Tokens are tracked here.

After discussion with SB, I’ve realised that negative tokens every 3 days make it too complicated. I’ve removed all negative points and now have 12 points. Not long till Paulliac.

Another new plan

The following are daily tasks. Each is worth £1 towards a bottle of Paulliac from CostCo – £49. If I fail to do a task for 2 days, I get a £1 fine.

  • 5 pull ups
  • French sit-up routine (explanation to follow soon)
  • 5 press ups
  • Eat a fruit
  • Walk 5000 steps or cycle 5 miles
  • 3 medium meals and one treat
  • Don’t eat whilst reading or looking at a screen – £1 per meal
  • Don’t drink any alcohol. I can drink tonight and tomorrow night, but if I drink on Tuesday night, I have a £1 fine
  • Do a blog entry each day
  • Knock off work by 5:34 and achieving stuff by 9:34.